Custom Design

We present here finished models of boards. However, we can manufacture various patterns and sizes according to your order. For this, you should send e-mail to our custom order and write there
  1. The approximate pattern, taking as any of the analog of boards represented in our catalog;
  2. The shape of a board – rectangular, square, round, oval or ellipse form;
  3. The sizes of a board – length (from 3.93 to 27,56 inches, from 100 to 700 mm), width (from 3.93 to 17.72 inches, from 100 to 450 mm) and height (from 1.18 to 3.15 inches, from 20 to 80 mm).
  4. Preferred wood species
  5. Type of oven fork of a board – splits in the bottom of side face, one hole on the edge, one hole in the corner, the two holes on the edges.
Manufacturing process of a board is quite difficult and labor consuming. It is usually takes 3-4 days to fabricate one board (with the time of drying glue and oil). This process is presented in our story in process for more details.

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