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Cutting Board #44

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Durable and resistant to daily or heavy use which allows knives to stay sharp longer than with other styles of boards.

Each of our cutting boards is handmade and no two boards are perfectly alike.

These wood were chosen because of their natural durability as well as their natural beauty.

All cutting boards are laminated together using Tite Bond III which is waterproof and FDA approved for indirect food contact. 

Each cutting board is finished by soaking it overnight in food grade mineral oil before wiping off and applying a top coat of our custom board butter. The board butter is made of portuguese bees wax and mineral oil which helps provide a more durable yet completely food safe finish which is also water repellent.

Material information
Format & Size
450 x 320 x 36
3300 g
Care informations
Mineral oil,


Rules of care of boards

  1. Do not leave the board wet and even more so in the water for a long time;
  2. In no case do not wash your End Grain Cutting board in the dishwasher and do not place in a microwave oven or broiler;
  3. At least once a month (and in the winter heating season more often) treat board with mineral oil to fill the wood pores and prevent drying of the board;
  4. Use a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax for a more stable and reliable cover;
  5. Do not use edible oils for board treatment, such as sunflower, olive, etc., because over time they will become bitter and give this taste to foodstuff;
  6. Remember, it is required to treat with protective measure all sides of the board, because treatment of just one side of the board may lead to bending of the board.
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